We've been working hard here at Worldsongs on Timothy P. Green's upcoming record; so we've only recently started construction on the Worldsongs Media website.

(Actually, speaking of websites, we just completed Version 1 of the website for Silent Sound Studios, whose multiplatinum proprietor Thom "TK" Kidd I'm sitting with at left.)

As always, client work must be done first!

There will soon be an attractive and robust site here; but meanwhile:

Timothy P. Green is coming...!

(And don't let the photo fool you...it's not Country & Western!) Timothy has been hard at work with Worldsongs producer and CEO Bradford Rogers on his debut album—and it's a'gonna be a good one...!

You might hear hints of anything from the B-52s to David Byrne to Peter Gabriel to some Tibetan monks who got drunk and took over a recording studio. Intrigued? Stay tuned to www.TheMultimediaNinja.com for more news.

The Multimedia Ninja

click to subscribeWorldsongs is also proud to sponsor The Multimedia Ninja podcast, produced and hosted by Bradford Rogers, with special guests, tips and advice covering a wide variety of software and hardware techniques from photography to videography, music and audio production, graphic design, web design, blogging and social marketing—you name it—as well as some important concepts that apply to creating art , shaping your ideas, and how to be more productive doing it.

We are particularly grateful to everyone who have been listening to the podcast, leading in just a few months to download numbers of over 3,000 downloads per month.

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Bradford is still here...!

If you came to this site to check on Bradford's latest doings, including solo ocean sailing and whatnot, never fear! You can keep up with the latest at BradfordRogers.com

Atlanta native Bradford Rogers is a producer, engineer, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He is a Chapter Governor of the Recording Academy and has performed with such multiplatinum artists as Michael McDonald, James Brown, Michael Bolton, Bobby Valentino, En Vogue's Dawn Robinson, Sleepy Brown and Cee Lo Green.

Bradford is the founder and owner of independent label Worldsongs Media, whose mission is to nurture talented undiscovered artists in a variety of genres, focusing on jazz, worldbeat, and ethnic-influenced music.

He has performed as a featured artist at venues such as the Atlanta Jazz Festival and the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, has won awards including the Future Of Jazz competition, has appeared on programs such as Fox 5's Good Day Atlanta; and his music is played regularly on jazz and college radio stations including Atlanta's flagship jazz station WCLK FM 91.9.

Bradford's latest CD "Guiro!" fuses traditional African and Latin styles, postmodern jazz, and a touch of Pop/Rock and Electronica. Another recent collaboration with Algerian artist Chiheb produced the track "Comet," which is featured on Chiheb's new album "Ambition," as well as the compilation "United DJs and Producers of Algeria."